Empowered Women

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After a weekend of meeting some of the greats in our industry at the Bloom Getaway, I have discovered this. Empowered women uplift others. Confident women, help others. And women who aren’t threatened by the success or potential success of others, will offer advice and support.

I interviewed Kristina Kusmic about motherhood this weekend. Getting to know Kristina past more than just a mom crush, has inspired me to be a better fellow woman. A rising tide lift all ships as they say. If as a human race, we are empowering the people who are raising and molding the next generation; the outcome can only be more greatness; More love, more acceptance and more grace.

Kindness is contagious. Confidence empowers others and happiness radiates off of us and brightens the world. I am leaving the last few days with more understanding of this amazing human secret; everyone has a story. Everyone is worth it, everyone deserves happiness and if you bust your butt, you can make your dream happen. And even if you don’t, knowing that you were loved and encouraged along the way will make you a better person.