Anxiety Attack

I've been Thinking , ,

It hits strong and fast. Sometimes out of nowhere and sometimes it builds up. You can try to warn others but they don’t really understand.

Your heart starts to beat fast and it gets harder and harder to breath. Which makes it worse. The embarrassment starts to kick in.

You might cry uncontrollably, fighting to catch your breath, you might even pass out. Only to wake up being even more embarrassed.

Then the exhaustion kicks in. You are completely drained. Your body feels heavy, And sleep is your friend.

When everything is done you face the questions, concerns and judgment of others. Sometimes you avoid it, sometimes you explain it. But you never really feel understood.

Anxiety isn’t just about “crazy and irrational thoughts” it is a physical thing. It’s a feeling of bugs under your skin and being in a closed box with no air.

This is anxiety. This is no joke. This isn’t an excuse. This is something I wouldn’t wish on anyone.