Mama’s Bestie

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Sometimes I feel like I can be a little tough on this strong willed child. She is sensitive but a vault with her feelings. So I don’t always know when her feelings are hurt or if she is upset. It’s a fine balance between making sure she learns that the world doesn’t revolve around her and still making sure that she knows she is MY world.

So I bought this shirt from a small shop called That’s Life Tee Co. Little things like buying her this shirt and asking her to “model” it for me, mean a lot to her. She and I have amazing times together as her most favorite thing to do is snuggle with me and watch a show. The hustle and bustle of life makes it hard to give her that time, but I sure try. And that’s all we can do, right? Be aware and try.

I know that one day very she will be too cool for me and she won’t want to snuggle me. I know of the tough days ahead of defiance and distancing herself from me. So I try to soak it all up now. She is my first born and one day she really will be my bestie because she will be an adult. I am excited for those days. Until then, I try to make her feel special and loved.