Minivan Confessions: I Don’t Shower

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🚙 MiniVan Confessions: The Secret Behind “The Mom Do”
I’m doing it! I’m confessing again! Driving time (without kids, because let’s get real they are a big distraction, What with all the crying and “look at my booger” demands) is the only time I have to actually think clearly.
I figured recording it makes me less of a nut job than just talking to myself alone in a car. So instead of calling a friend, and making sure to follow safety rules, I put my camera on a suction cup on the window and press record. Then my mouth opens and I can’t stop because when a moms brain isn’t being flooded with constant questions, she actually has her own thoughts. 🤣

My whole point In these confessions is being real so other moms who are beating themselves up over “failing” at Motherhood, will realize that we are all failing. I hope this reaches someone who needs to hear it.



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