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I started this Blog as a place for my thoughts and feelings about things. It has since turned into so much more that I thought it would. Each Social media platform has it’s own set of rules. But momminitup.net is MY website and I am going to take the liberty of using it like my online diary again. I would like to journal this whole experience.

I think I still feel like there is a little bit of privacy on here. I mean if you are reading this you probably dug a little deeper. So that pretty much makes us besties, because you care enough to actually go looking. 😘

I’ll catch you up on life. I just got back from AZ where I have spent the last 2 1/2 weeks with my sister while she gave birth and transitioned into motherhood. It was a weird experience for me to not be on the hospital bed, pushing and then later nursing. I’m not the best when it comes to explaining how to do things to people. So, it was hard to explain something that came natural to me, after all these years. It helped me remember that in the beginning you don’t “just know”. It doesn’t always come naturally to you. I don’t know why we say that it does.

Before I left, a friend of mine (a fellow creator) shared a video on her page. I sent her something and she recorder her reaction. It was beautiful. She is beautiful and it is something that makes me tear up every time I see it. It had been on my heart for months that I should send this gift to her. I wanted her to be able to use her voice and reach more people, to continue doing the work that she had been doing. She has a talent and a gift and I am a huge fan of hers. A million thoughts went through my mind before I pulled the trigger. I am so glad that I did.

You know that song, “If I had a million dollars”? I know I wouldn’t have it for long because I seriously get so much joy from giving to others. I know that sounds super cheesy and “Oh my goodness, I’m a good person!” and thats annoying. But its true. If someone isn’t entitled, I would give them anything I had to give. It’s selfish really, because it feels good. But then again I think that’s why it feels good, because it IS good.

I try to teach my kids to give to others in any way they can. Acts of kindness, words of kindness, encouragement. It is what makes being human awesome! But for some reason we are conditioned to think that if we feel good about it, we are being prideful or we are doing for the wrong reasons. It’s that thought and the worry that someone think you have an alterior motive that might you not do it. Sometimes it stops me.

Do you ever feel like we live in a lose/lose world? You’re expected to have a clean house, smart kids, a happy marriage, take care of yourself, be healthy, be available to your friends and make enough money to not be struggling. While all that is happening, act like it comes easy and not complain. Work hard but don’t talk about your accomplishments in any way that could be perceived as bragging and don’t think negatively about anyone.

Since when did life become this impossible? As I’m writing this I’m chuckling at the insanity of those expectations, but I don’t think it professional to write LOL in a blog. That’s why videos are so much easier for me. But I think there is something to be said about writing your thoughts down, without editing. So this is not an official “Blog”. This is place for me to just chat.

I’m working on being more blogger-like. But I don’t know that there is much hope for me. You might just get a few semi well written pieces and a bunch of these (looks into a grown woman’s diary) entries.

Until then, Lots of Love (No, like really. If you actually made it through this, I love you)




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